> Commercial translation

Translating a marketing text is a specialist task, and the wording must be appropriate for the culture of the country where it is going to be used. For an advertisement, the translators must find exactly the right word to hit home, and they sometimes have to be creative in adapting the text to the practices and customs of their own country. Any marketing text may contain pitfalls that only an experienced translator can avoid.

Brand names sometimes have to be adapted to suit different countries. For example, the Chevrolet Nova was a bit of a flop in Spanish-speaking countries — ‘Nova’ means ‘doesn't work’ in Spanish.

Our marketing specialists can translate

- Press releases, media kits
- Commercial leaflets and brochures, catalogues
- Advertising materials
- Invitations to tender
- Business presentations
- Conference documentation
- Sales proposals
- Newsletters
- Websites...

Whether you are based in London, Paris or New York, you can entrust any of your marketing materials to us in the knowledge that they will be handled by experienced and skilful translators.

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