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Meeting your needs according to your priorities

Your priorities are our priorities - whether they relate to costs, quality, deadlines or to any other criteria.

There are many simple and effective procedures for optimising the quality of a translation project, reducing the time it takes, and controlling the costs involved. It is our job to suggest to you the best approach for your circumstances and then to implement the agreed plan.

We are here to listen, and if you set out in detail what your needs are we will offer you the most appropriate solution.

Cetadir's strengths

  • A choice of translators who live in their country of origin
  • Priority given to using non-automated work procedures – combined with the standard tools of the profession, e.g. computer-assisted translation ('CAT')
  • Rapid responses and a high level of flexibility thanks to limited use of intermediaries

Our work procedures

  • Thorough analysis of the documents that you need to have translated. This enables the most appropriate method of working to be selected and any questions or problems to be identified in advance
  • Rigorous selection of the translators, in particular through the use of test translations
  • Reviews by you in the course of the project so that you can satisfy yourself that the translation meets your expectations
  • We build up a glossary of your in-house terminology as the project progresses
  • Creating translation memories for recurring projects
  • Thorough quality checks before final completion
  • Staggered delivery schedules with weekly status updates (for long-term projects)
  • Archiving of your documents for several years
  • We use the same people again for any of your new projects

Our procedures can be adapted according to the size, complexity and urgency of your project and your own preferences.


Our translators:

  • Represent over 30 different nationalities, and all of them are qualified and based in their home country
  • Translate exclusively into their own native language and in their own fields of expertise
  • Regularly have the quality of their work checked
  • Are equipped with the standard 'CAT' professional tools (computer-assisted translation)
  • Offer flexibility and availability (flexible working hours, on-site assignments)

Our project managers:

  • Professionally qualified
  • More than 10 years' experience of working in the translation field
  • Responsive and attentive to your needs
  • Know the translators’ particular strengths

Our computer graphics specialists and engineers:

  • Professionally qualified
  • Specialise in multilingual documents
  • Used to meeting tight deadlines


Throughout the course of your project you have a single point of contact who oversees the process in order to ensure that the final product fulfils your requirements.

The management of the whole project is undertaken centrally by the Cetadir agency, so that you are free to concentrate on your own priorities.


We guarantee the confidentiality of the documents that are entrusted to us.

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