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The Cetadir translation agency will work in close collaboration with professional interpreters when undertaking your interpreting assignments: conferences, seminars, visits/inspections, exhibitions/shows, meetings, phone calls etc.

The type of interpreting provided will depend on your requirements:

- Simultaneous (the interpreter speaks over the words of the original speaker)
- Consecutive (the interpreter translates at regular intervals after the speaker has spoken)
- Liaison (the interpreter acts as a link in a conversation between people who are speaking in different languages)
- Whispered (the interpreter whispers the translation into the listener's ear)

Our agency's interpreters will attend the event that you organise, and they are available for you for as long as you wish. They adhere strictly to the principle of professional confidentiality.

Cetadir can manage all aspects of this type of project, from the selection and booking of the interpreters to making travel arrangements and arranging accommodation and equipment.

Whether you are based in London, Paris or New York, our experienced interpreters will assist you with your operations in other countries.

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