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> Why use professionals?

Do you need a translation?

Do you receive or send information in foreign languages? Do you want to expand into new markets or do you want to get ahead of the competition by having your website or your brochures and manuals translated in order to target markets abroad?

Some good reasons for calling in translation professionals

Your website is your ‘shop window’ for existing and potential customers. Your brand image is strongly linked to this interface. It must therefore be perfectly comprehensible to the readers, whatever their nationality. A site which contains spelling mistakes or which has been clumsily translated, or even mistranslated, may undermine your image and produce a negative perception among existing and potential customers.

Examples are unfortunately many :

>> Site chorale

The same applies to the paper documents that you produce. Do you remember the incomprehensible manuals that used to be provided with ‘Made in China” appliances? What impression did that give? Certainly not that of a quality product… You could tell that this rough translation had not been done by a native speaker of English. Professional translators always translate into their mother tongue in order to guarantee the quality of the end product.

Don't be tempted by translations which are sold at knock-down prices or done in-house by a bilingual member of staff – both large and small businesses have fallen into these traps and come to regret it...

First impressions count; an image that conveys professionalism is always more persuasive.

Would you let a medical student or a GP take your appendix out?... In order to limit risks, it makes sense to use the services of an experienced specialist.

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