> Video subtitling

Do you want to subtitle a film in the same language as the soundtrack, or in a different language?

The Cetadir agency will transcribe the wording from your video (if you haven't got a script) and will translate it if necessary before adding subtitles that are synchronised with the images.

Translation for subtitling purposes is a specialised job which requires summarising skills, since it takes longer to read a sentence than to hear it.

What's more, some languages use more words to convey the same meaning; this is referred to as “expansion” (difference in length between the translated text and the source text). The expansion ratio of 2 languages may therefore make it necessary to condense the translated subtitles further in order to match the original soundtrack.

For example, when translating a text from Swedish into French, the expansion ratio is roughly +20%, so the French text will on average be 20% longer than the Swedish text.

Our specialist subtitling translators are used to coping with these constraints, so they can provide you with appropriate and perfectly synchronised subtitles.

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